Noah Homes: A Standard of Excellence

Message From the Chair

by Peter Ferrantelli

Noah Homes is a beautiful community, spiritually and physically. My wife and I knew, from the moment we brought our son to live there, that it was a special place. Our son is living, not simply existing, but truly living at Noah Homes. He has independence, a job, and friends who care about him. In addition, Noah Homes provides an extensive daily support system for Michael and the family of men and women that call Noah home. Parents also find support through developing relationships with the Noah Homes parent community

Besides the beauty of the family concept, Noah Homes looks the part of an oasis. It is a peaceful, beautiful community with lush landscaping, peaceful park areas, and attractive, well-furnished homes. Visitors leave the grounds of Noah Homes remarking, “I could live there!” Words and pictures don’t do Noah Homes justice. It would be my pleasure to escort you on a tour to introduce you to this wonderful place called Noah Homes. Contact me and we'll set up a tour.