Ark Angel Stained Glass Donor Recognition Board

The Noah's Ark Angel Foundation donor recognition wall at the Noah Homes offices.

Donor Recognition

Noah’s Ark Angel Foundation welcomes your support.

Your donation is a special gift and appreciated beyond measure.  Each donation will help us achieve our goal.    The foundation will acknowledge gifts at six funding levels.

  • Angel — $25 - $999
  • Ark Angel — $1000 - $4999
  • Charter Ark Angel — $5000 - $9999
  • Gold Ark Angel — $10,000 - $24,999
  • Platinum Ark Angel — $25,000 - $99,999
  • Eternal Angel — $100,000+ cumulative lifetime giving

Donors at each of these levels will be recognized on this page.  Donations at the Ark Angel level and above will also be included on the donor recognition wall in the Noah Homes activity center.

We respect our donors’ privacy. If you wish to remain anonymous, please accept our heartfelt thanks in lieu of our public recognition.

Donors by year:

Gold Ark Angel

Peter & Mary Ellen Ferrantelli SanDisk Corporation Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Mr.& Mrs Peter J. Ferrantelli
A match for the generosity of SanDisk Corporation
John Garbaczewski Family Foundation
Dedicated to Gary Greco and all the men and women of Noah Homes
Mulvaney Family Foundation
In honor of Morgan Mulvaney
Dr.A.A.& Danuta Mikolajczak The Mikolajczak Family Foundation
In honor of our daughter Monica
Susan Tighe
In memory of my husband,Thomas (Tommy)Tighe

Charter Ark Angel

Mr.& Mrs Mark McDonald Dollarsmart Money Centers LLC AT&T Foundation

Ark Angel

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cotler Mr. & Mrs. Steven Cotler
Mr.and Mrs. Michael Eyer Randall & Allison Gustafson
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Hardtarfer Dr.and Mrs. Joseph B.Hunt
Mr.and Mrs.Robert G.Larsen Mr. and Mrs. Frank Norris
Mr.& Mrs.Frank Norris
El Cajon, CA
Seiber Family Donor Advised Fund at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation
Dr.and Mrs. Alfred Shihata Mr. Jeff Sweet
Rayne of North San Diego County Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trometter
Dedicated To Dr. Estelle L. Kassebaum
Colette Gerard Kitnovski
Dedicated to my son Andre Gerard
Colette Gerard-Kitnovski
In Honor Of My Son Andre Gerard
Colin & Amy Sage
In honor of brother Ryan Sage
Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Ferrantelli
In memory of Linda Alessio
Mrs. Mary Hempsey
In memory of my daughter Barbara
Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Ferrantelli
In memory of Thomas Tighe


Jeanette Bossi Christopher and Rachel Correa
Mr.& Mrs. Fred Fehl Salvatore & Carol Ferrantelli
Maxine Glazebrook A-1 Hearing Center Mr. & Mrs Zachary Holderman
Mr.& Mrs. Hilton Hopson Mark & Janet Hubka
Mr.& Mrs. John Ihrig Philip Justo ASI Hastings Co.
Mr. John Kegal
John P Kegel
Mr.and Mrs. John Principato Mrs. Mildred Roberts
Mrs. Patricia Robinson Patrica A.Robinson
Mr.& Mrs. Vito Sardo Marialyn Sardo
Mr. & Mrs. Toni Stevenson Tracey Tortorelli
Marilyn Turner H.Cameron Williams
Mr. Allen Yarowsky Michael & Peggy Konkol
Dedicated to my friends at Noah Homes, Mary, Michael, Sandy, Michelle April, Julie, and Philip
Dennis & Mary Hutton
Dedicated to our nephew, Michael Ferrantelli
Mr. & Mrs. Albon Head
Fort Worth, TX
In Honor of Mr. Frank Sciuto II
Anonymous Donor
In memory of Barbara Hempsey.
Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Ferrantelli
In memory of Carl Hauck
Sister Mary Bartosh
In memory of Delores Murchison
Marijo Gaeta
In memory of my Godparents, Michael & Jennie Ferrantelli
Mr.& Mrs Leonard Fishman
In memory ot Emilia Bakoniewaka