Walter Fitch III

Walter Fitch, III: An Angel in Deed

Who was Walter Fitch, III? On first glimpse, his biography appears to be the relatively ordinary history of a successful business man. Walter Fitch, III, was a long-time La Jolla resident with roots in Coronado, an alumnus of Stanford and Harvard Business School, a pilot for Pan Am, and credited as a founder of Texas Oil & Gas Corp., to name just a few of his major achievements. On closer inspection, however, one finds the greater achievements, the behind the scenes and often anonymous work that raise Walter Fitch, III, from ordinary, successful businessman to angel.

Walter Fitch, III was a pillar of the community – pillar of several communities, in fact, although some were more aware of his support than others. Walter had a big heart and a generous spirit, as well as the business acumen that allowed him to put his money where his heart lay. Associations and organizations all over the greater San Diego area can attest to Walter Fitch’s generosity and dedication. Besides the buildings and endowments that now bear his name, there are other, more personal acknowledgements in the documents Walter left behind, acknowledgements of gifts that Walter gave without public recognition. His paper legacy includes two letters of appreciation from Mother Teresa – letters from a saint to an angel. (click here to read one of the letters)

We refer to Walter Fitch, III, as the first angel of Noah Homes and the inspiration for Noah’s Ark Angel Foundation not simply because of his financial support, but because of his involvement with Noah Homes and its residents. Those who knew Walter also knew that Noah Homes was his favorite charity. He did not just donate money to Noah Homes, he got involved. Walter took part in governing Noah Homes through participation on the board, and took part in the family of Noah Homes through interacting with its residents. Walter referred to residents of the Noah Homes community as “the children he never had”. He attended numerous birthday celebrations, plays, and other events at Noah Homes and even took the residents of Noah Homes on vacation, to Lourdes, France.

Walter Fitch, III, left a grand legacy to Noah Homes, in financial terms, and in love. Walter dined with European royalty and held counsel with the highest echelons of business and government, yet he felt most comfortable in his favorite place, with his favorite people; the Noah Homes community. Noah Homes will never forget Walter Fitch, III, and Noah’s Ark Angel Foundation will ensure that his legacy endures.